What our users are saying...

"CameraMator plays an invaluable role during a shoot, offering unsurpassed collaboration tools for communicating with creative teams onsite and offsite with the ability to share and annotate images in real time. Whether it is the AD confirming you've captured the vision, or the DA archiving the image and uploading it to the retoucher with annotations, the app facilitates a smoother workflow, fast turnaround and happy clients."

--- Dave Rugh, Southern California Portrait Photographer

"CameraMator is a very well-designed product. I was able to walk around my studio with the iPad in my hand, making adjustments as I worked. What's great is that even without a WiFi router, the iPad and my Mac worked with each other. The speed of the image transfer from my camera to my iPad was impressive. It saved me so much time. And the pinch-to-zoom operation was very smooth and useful. Overall this is an amazing piece of technology that will become a permanent part of my studio from now on."

--- Linus of Inimitable Photography

"I just tried out CameraMator on my iPad, it is a truly amazing app. As a professional artist and educator, I give live art demonstrations all the time. With CameraMator, it took me a total of 30 minutes of setup and live demo and I have a professional time lapse demonstration of my watercolor technique. Simple to use, CameraMator works with my DSLR camera to capture high resolution shots. It is a great tool for every professional artist and faculty member."

--- Natasha Shoro, Professional Artist/Adjunct Professor